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Eileen Proctor

Eileen Proctor is one of the oldest and best Psychic Mediums. Eileen has been wowing her audiences across the world for over 60 years. Eileen's jaw dropping, pinpoint accuracy has attracted people from all around the world and she has received amazing reviews and letters from her fans. Eileen’s messages from beyond come thick and fast. Her high energy and warm emotional approach will have you both laughing and crying throughout her shows. Funny, entertaining, touching and sometimes heart-breaking.

Eileen is a natural born medium embodies the very essence of what her events – Connecting with your loved ones and being able to educate you on your journey through grief. Knowing that our loved ones do indeed

walk with us every day.

You could also have the chance to experience a face to face reading with this truly gifted Psychic Medium – EILEEN PROCTOR.

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“I’m amazed how many names you picked up, most certainly the best medium I’ve seen so far. It was lovely taking to you at the end. I will be in touch soon for a private reading.

Thank you Eileen!”

Anna (Mansfield)

"I had a private reading with Eileen in july she is absolutely fantastic. So nice to hear from loved ones again and making me feel better knowing my life is going to get better giving me hope again."

Steph (Chesterfield)

“Very touching evening, well organised, well received

and I’m looking forward to the next one. Eileen rocks!!!”

Adele (Derby)

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